How to make an orchid bloom? 6 helpful tips (part 1)
One of the most beautiful and bizarre flowers in home gardening are considered orchids. They look great in any home, they are pleasant to give and receive as a gift,…

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Top 5 Orchid Care Questions and Answers (part 3)
Air circulation Please also note that in the room where the orchids are kept, it is necessary to constantly maintain air circulation. It is useful to ventilate the room to…

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10 best flowering indoor plants
Today, in landscaping, it is customary to focus on indoor plants from among decorative leafy stars. More hardy and reliable, not requiring a special dormant period, such plants are distinguished…

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15 fruits we eat but don’t know how they grow (part 2)

3. Papaya
Melon tree, the so-called plant on which papaya fruits grow, comes from Central America and Mexico. Papaya does not tolerate sub-zero temperatures, even the lowest, therefore it grows only in the tropics. The plant is like a palm tree, but it is not. This tree is up to 15 meters high. The diameter of the hollow inside the trunk at the base is 30 cm, and the lateral branches are completely absent.

Growing papaya, or melon tree on a plantation (Carica papaya)
Papaya leaves are formed only on the top of the trunk and can grow up to 90 cm in length. Interestingly, the plant has male and female flowers. Moreover, flowers of only one gender often grow on one tree. But during high summer temperatures, the sex of the flowers can change from female to male and vice versa. Continue reading

Orchids with a dubious smell

Orchids with an unpleasant aroma are by no means less than pleasantly smelling. The smells of such orchids are so special that it is difficult for them to find a place in the house.

Unpleasantly smelling orchids did not become popular and widespread, and usually only those who make multi-species collections buy them. And they often “forget” to report such a feature of plants in catalogs or in flower shops, advertising rare beauties.

Epidendrum ciliated
One of the most repulsive aromas among orchids is the ciliated epidendrum (Epidendrum ciliare), the aroma of the flowers of which resembles sour vegetables or medicinal infusions. Continue reading

Phalaenopsis bellina

A very pleasant aroma of floral perfumes with light fresh notes of a sea breeze is inherent to a rare species of phalaenopsis bellina (Phalenopsys bellina), incomparably original in its watercolor color.
Phalaenopsys bellina (Phalenopsys bellina)
There is no need to imagine phalaenopsis – unpretentious, surprisingly predictable, they remain absolute favorites among indoor orchids and are suitable even for those who are not interested in the features of orchids.

Among the fashionable varieties, almost all plants are non-aromatic. But, choosing new varieties from a huge assortment, you should try your luck and ask if the fragrant phalaenopsis is lost in the ranks of the unique ones. More often than not, “exceptions to the rules” smell like vanilla, melon or watermelon, and some almost cucumber. Continue reading

Diseases, pests and growing problems
This is one of the most enduring orchids. Rot is the only thing that threatens it, with the exception of the risk of infection in severely neglected and affected collections,…


Orchidarium - a cozy "house" for orchids
Special flower display cases for capricious orchids create ideal conditions for growing these tropical beauties. Orchidariums, in the first place, provide high air humidity and careful control over it, but…


"Aminosole for orchids" - the best fertilizer for their flowering
For top dressing, it is best to use special fertilizers for orchids. The August company offers liquid organic fertilizer from animal products with a full range of amino acids -…


Choosing plants for the florarium (part 1)
Florariums are one of the most spectacular ways of landscaping the interior. Decorative, impeccable in appearance, requiring minimal care, but at the same time bringing us closer to nature, like…