Phalaenopsis tetraspis fragrance
Four-leaf Phalaenopsis, in contrast to varietal hybrids, surprises with a rather strong aroma. In it you can catch the alcoholic-cognac notes mixed with thin trails of lily of the valley…

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Fertilizing and fertilizer composition
They feed the plant only during active vegetation. When the orchid grows new pseudobulbs, leaves and flower stalks, a half-reduced portion of fertilizers is added to the water (compared to…

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"Aminosole for orchids" - a liquid organic fertilizer with a full complex of amino acids
Today, one can hardly surprise anyone with a blooming orchid - many flower growers have learned to successfully grow this tropical miracle, and stores regularly delight customers with new varieties…

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Pleione spotted

Pleione maculata (Pleione maculata) – one of the most original white orchids, the aroma of which resembles the intense and complex aroma of plucked apples.

Pleione maculata (Pleione maculata)
This is a compact, up to 25 cm tall, epiphytic orchid with folded, straight, fairly bright leaves and unique flowers, in which the sepals and petals of the same size and shape are lanceolate, elongated, straight.

Strict white petals perfectly emphasize a huge lip, fantastically decorated with fringe along the edge and several rows of yellow-pink spots. The milky shade of white is complemented by the texture of the petals, porcelain-pearl and making the flowers even more massive.

Bulbofillum variegated
The motley Bulbophyllum (Bulbophyllum picturatum) has an aroma that is associated with the refreshing light aroma of watermelon or melon. This is a miniature orchid, during flowering, not exceeding 25 cm in height.

Variegated Bulbophyllum (Bulbophyllum picturatum)
Variegated Bulbofillum is a sympodial epiphyte with very smooth, egg-shaped pseudobulbs very densely arranged to each other, releasing only one lanceolate hard leaf up to 12 cm long. The upright, rounded at the tip, leaf narrows like a petiole and emphasizes strikingly thin peduncles 12 to 25 cm high , light green, spotted.

Peduncles are crowned with umbrellas of inflorescences of 5-10 five-centimeter flowers with green speckled upper sepals and light green lanceolate side lobes. Almost close to each other, decorated with bizarre filamentous outgrowths, the yellowish petals contrast surprisingly beautifully with a bloody little lip underlined by red spots on the petals.

Exquisite Perfume Orchid
Those who want to buy plants that can outshine even the most expensive perfumes with their aroma should look for their favorites among orchids. In recent decades, amazing hybrids and individual varieties have appeared, the aroma of which seems to be created in vitro by the best perfumers in the world. Orchids resembling perfumes are often called perfumes. Complex combinations create rich, sophisticated, complex compositions, to solve overtones and loops in which you want to endlessly.
Almost all fragrant Cattleya and their hybrids resemble expensive perfumes and turn living rooms into exquisite French boutiques. The effect of perfume aroma is especially pronounced in hybrid brassoleliocattles (Brassolealiocattleya, Brassavola x Cattleya x Laelia).

Brassoleliocattlesia (Brassolealiocattleya)
Cattleya alaorii
Cattleya alaorii. © snotch
This is a unique hybrid orchid, taking the best of three species to create surprisingly bizarre plants with large flowers. Sympodial large orchids with elongated pronounced pseudobulbs and lanceolate, hard, upright-growing leaves most often produce single-flowered peduncles.

But from flowers with a diameter of up to 20 cm, with a wide variety of colors, bizarre wavy petals and surprisingly colorful transitions, it is difficult to look away. This is one of the most festive in terms of aroma and appearance of orchids.

One of the very fragrant varieties is “Green Delight”, which conquers a full-bodied citrus bouquet and stunning, huge, green-pistachio-like flowers, outlandish daffodils.

A bouquet of spring flowers resembles the aroma and Cattleya alaorii, a charming miniature orchid, represented mainly by elegant varieties. Small roundish leaves of a bright color emphasize classic massive flowers with a tube-shaped lip and tightly closing petals, the porcelain-shining texture of which seems to be covered with shimmering dust. Two of its varieties are especially popular – snow-white “Snowflake” and pale pink “Escura”.


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