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In this case, the pot is immersed in the prepared water. Lower the pot slowly so that the dry roots do not push the plant out of the pot and keep it in the water for 40 minutes. Having removed the pot from the water, it must be kept in the air until excess water comes out. Watering by immersion is considered the most economical and quite effective, but it can be done provided that neither the substrate nor the plant itself is affected by any diseases.

Watering orchids by immersion
Watering a watering can
Water with a watering can and with a low pressure water the surface of the flowerpot, without touching the axils of the leaves and growth points. Pouring is necessary until water flows from the holes at the bottom of the pot. Give time to remove excess water and repeat the procedure after a couple of minutes. Excess water that drains into the pan should be poured out of it.

Watering orchids from a watering can
Root spraying
This type of irrigation is used for orchids grown in blocks, that is, without the use of a substrate. In this case, the roots dry faster than in pots with soil. It is recommended to water it with a spray gun in the “fog” mode, directing it precisely to the roots until their color changes (turns green). Perform the following procedure as the root system dries.

Having figured out how to water an orchid in a pot, it remains to correctly follow the recommendations and wait for the moment of flowering of these beautiful flowers.

Spraying Orchid Roots
How to water an orchid in certain cases?
Water the presented plant at different periods and in different situations, it should be, impeccably observing the rules developed by nature. Only then will the orchid in time and magnificent begin to bloom and develop.

Watering orchids during flowering
With the beginning of flowering, it is necessary to change the order of watering in order to create natural conditions for the plant. During flowering, seeds are formed – they are very small and volatile in the orchid, so they can fly to a distance of several kilometers. In the rainy season in nature, the seeds cannot fly long distances, therefore, when growing a flower at home, it is necessary to water the plant in the manner described below.

Watering requires only the roots of the plant, trying to saturate them with moisture optimally, but not overfill. If there is insufficient humidity in the room, then you can spray the leaves, being careful not to get into the core of the flower. During the flowering period, watering the plant is necessary as the substrate dries several times a week.

Spraying and watering orchids
How to water an orchid in winter
In the cold season, the orchid does not fall into complete hibernation, therefore it is necessary to water it in the winter, but much less frequently than during the flowering period. The optimal terms are: once every 10 days or 2 weeks. But it is not necessary to withstand strictly such intervals, the main thing is to monitor the drying of the soil and prevent it from drying out very much.

An important rule in this case is to allow excess fluid to flow out of the pot so that after placing it on the windowsill, where other plants are usually located, because this is the coolest place in the house, the roots are not cold and are not infected with various diseases. If the flower is supposed to have a warm shower, then it should be done in the evening, and left at night in the bathroom so that rot does not form at the growth point.

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