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How to water an orchid at home?

Growing an orchid at home is not only time-consuming, but also requires certain knowledge. This exotic flower needs full and competent care, then it will delight the eye with its lush growth and colorful flowering. Adequate lighting, top dressing, and temperature conditions have a certain significance in caring for a plant, but the main thing you need to know is how to water an orchid at home.

Watering errors
How to water an orchid?
Watering an orchid grown at home is necessary after the soil in the pot dries. The intensity of watering a flower depends on many factors: temperature and humidity in the room, lighting, size of the container in which the plant is planted, and many others.

In nature, an orchid feeds on rainwater, so for irrigation it is necessary to take the fluid as close as possible to it in composition: warm and soft. Water hardness can be reduced by using oxalic acid, which can be bought at a flower shop. Dilute the solution the day before watering – pour half a teaspoon of acid into 2.5 liters of water. Before watering, carefully drain the water (solution) so that the residue remains at the bottom, or filter.

Water can be slightly acidified using horse peat: a bag with it should be lowered into the water for several hours. The optimum water temperature for watering the flower should be 30-35 degrees.
How often to water an orchid?
The frequency of watering home orchids is set by the environment, which affects the drying rate of the substrate. You can determine the need for watering by analyzing the following symptoms:

If there are droplets of condensate on the walls of the pot, then the plant should not be watered yet, if the walls are dry, the plant should be watered.
When the color of the roots is bright green, it means that there is enough moisture, and if they are brightened, watering is necessary.
Raising the flower pot and feeling its heaviness, you can still not worry about watering, but if the pot is light – it’s time to water.
In an opaque pot, the presence of moisture in the soil is determined by the degree to which the sticks are immersed in it.
Also watering a flower depends on the type of orchid. For most species of plants, it is considered optimal to water them 1-3 times a week in the summer, and during dormancy – 1-2 times a month. Any irrigation should be carried out in the morning, so that by evening in the axils of the leaves there is no moisture left.

Watering orchids at home
Water for irrigation should be saturated with oxygen, for which it should be poured several times from one dish to another before this procedure. You can water an orchid in several ways.

Hot showers once a month
One way to water is to shower with a hot shower. This method contributes to the rapid growth of green mass and high-quality flowering. In addition, rinsing the leaves with a regular shower cleans them of pests and protects them from becoming infected with diseases.

Such a shower is made as follows:

You should put containers with flowers in the bathtub and watered with a shower head under a small pressure with soft water with a temperature of up to 45 degrees, optimally 38-42 degrees. Previously, half an hour before such a shower, the plant needs to be well watered.
After a shower, leave the containers in the bathtub for at least 20 minutes, so that the glass is excess liquid.
After 40 minutes, wipe the young sprouts and leaves of the plant with a dry cloth. The orchids Wanda and Phalaenopsis should be wiped and the core so that it does not begin to rot, otherwise the plant will stop developing.
How often can I make a hot shower for an orchid? Experts recommend no more than 1 time per month.

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