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Phalaenopsis tetraspis - the most undemanding orchid
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Flowering phalaenopsis quadriceps

The flowering period of phalaenopsis tetraspis can be stretched, but the favorite flowering time of this orchid is spring and summer.

The ability of phalaenopsis to develop further and to produce new peduncles on one shoot, modern varietal pets inherited just from the four-winged phalaenopsis.

The flower stalk of the plant does not just not begin to dry out after flowering, but continues to grow and develop. Moreover, on healthy and adult orchids, new peduncles can develop simultaneously with the flowering of the old and the plant is often not limited to 2-5th peduncles in the outlet.Peduncles on this orchid develop very low, close to the base, between old leaves. They are rarely straight, most often curving in a beautiful arc or bending over.

In adult phalaenopsis tetraspis, simple peduncles can change to branching. Most often, the height of the peduncles in this species of phalaenopsis is limited to a modest 30 cm, but they combine surprisingly well with leaves and the whole plant looks harmonious and compact.

The duration and relevance of flowering is the main advantage of this species. This is one of the revolving orchids or relentlessly flowering species. Flowers bloom one after another for several months.

Flowers do not open as fast as varietal phalaenopsis, but one by one. Most often, the period from the opening of the first bud to the last flower in the inflorescence stretches for 8-9 weeks. Each flower on the phalaenopsis tetraspis is able to last longer than 10 days. Although the rate of flowering depends primarily on what temperature the orchid is in. In each branch, plants can simultaneously show off from 4 to 8 open flowers.

Charming and as if waxed, glowing in diffused light, the flowers of the four-shield phalaenopsis seem strikingly rustic-elegant. Their diameter will not exceed 5 cm, but they still seem large. Oval-lanceolate, almost symmetrically located and identical petals and sepals create a simple, sweet, but somewhat unusual for a orchids star-shaped flower.

Tetraspis differs from other species phalaenopsis in strongly “petals” sharply pointed at the ends. The lip is small, curiously twisted, triple, with straight lateral parts and a small “fluffy” growth in the center, which looks like white fur due to thin hairs.

Phalaenopsis tetraspis LFW1
The color scheme of tetraspis
The lateral lobes of the lips are flaunted in watercolor shades of yellow and lilac, almost elusive in color.
Phalaenopsis tetraspis is considered one of the white-flowered orchids. But also one of the most volatile. Dark red, cinnabar, with a reddish-brick blur shade spontaneously manifests itself on different flowers of the plant, as if mutating.

Sometimes there is no red on the tetraspis flowers at all, and sometimes it covers either a whole petal, then part of it, or several petals – as if someone had dripped paint on white silk.

The manifestation or absence of color on the inflorescences of tetraspis depends on the flowering season, lighting, falling night temperatures, leaving, the age of the orchid. Moreover, it is almost impossible to trace the relationship and find certain patterns in it. Unless with increased humidity and at a lower temperature, red spots appear much stronger.

The buds are always unevenly light green, the true color and shape of the phalaenopsis tetraspis is shown only after the flower is fully opened. But if a red color appears in the flower, then it can be seen already in the bud.


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