Original indoor orchids

7 beginner orchid care tips for beginners (part 2)
Tip 3. Smart watering orchids The love of orchids and their tropical origin should not mislead you. In most cases, orchids are sufficient to water about once a week. It…

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Choosing plants for the florarium (part 2)
Mosses Most often, a classic sphagnum is chosen for florariums, creating a dense and very bright coating. But wet florarium is suitable for mosses of different species, which can be…

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Almost all brassia (Brassia) smell sweet-cloying, but very difficult. They pleasantly surprise with the ability to envelop in a romantic cloud any medium room. The exception is the light aroma…

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Pleione spotted

Pleione maculata (Pleione maculata) – one of the most original white orchids, the aroma of which resembles the intense and complex aroma of plucked apples.

Pleione maculata (Pleione maculata)
This is a compact, up to 25 cm tall, epiphytic orchid with folded, straight, fairly bright leaves and unique flowers, in which the sepals and petals of the same size and shape are lanceolate, elongated, straight.

Strict white petals perfectly emphasize a huge lip, fantastically decorated with fringe along the edge and several rows of yellow-pink spots. The milky shade of white is complemented by the texture of the petals, porcelain-pearl and making the flowers even more massive. Continue reading

Orchids with aromas of fruits and exquisite perfumes

When buying any orchids, in the description of the characteristics of which there is a note about aromaticity, it is worth clarifying how they smell and how strong the aroma is. Like other fragrant plants, orchids with a medium and strong aroma should be selected individually and according to your taste, because the perception of smells is very personal and does not always lend itself to logic. Orchids with a strong smell will require the right choice of place: they can not be placed in small rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, if they rest there during the hours of the highest intensity of aroma. In this article we will talk about orchids with a fruity aroma, the smell of exquisite perfumes and a very dubious “amber”. Continue reading

List of the best spicy orchids (part 2)

6. Katasetum
Fans of pastry art can easily recognize the smell of Catasetum (Catasetum) – rare orchids whose flowers smell like freshly baked rye bread and malt muffin. These are sympodial orchids with oval pseudobulbs very densely pressed to each other, resembling cigars with a pointed end to many (they can grow up to 20 cm in length).

Even young pseudobulbs are leafy even at rest, from the second year lanceolate leathery leaves with longitudinal veins fall off. This deciduous orchid produces simultaneously large male, up to 12 cm in diameter, and small female flowers. Continue reading

List of the best spicy orchids (part 1)

1. Cymbidium mosquito
Cymbidium mosquito (Cymbidium ensifolium) – the most honeyed of all orchids and the most popular of cymbidiums. This is a very elegant sympodial type orchid with poorly developed centimeter, completely closed leaf sheaths, pseudobulbs and long roots. Narrow lanceolate leaves from 30 cm to 1 m in length seem amazingly straight and strict not only due to the folded structure, but also due to their very dark color.

Cymbidium mosquito (Cymbidium ensifolium)
Vertical inflorescences, as a rule, are somewhat shorter than the leaves. They carry up to 9 flowers that last for several weeks. With a diameter of 3 to 5 cm, they show off with beige and yellow sepals and petals with longitudinal, reddish veins, and sometimes specks, and a greenish lip covered with patterns. Continue reading

7 most fragrant orchids with a spicy smell

Aroma is not the most important advantage of orchids. But in some species and certain varieties, the smell is a significant addition to their main “image”. Favorite sweets, pastry and spicy aromas associated with the best desserts and goodies are not uncommon among orchids. Vanilla aromas or more original spices in notes of a smell give delightfully bright flowers even more exotic. And you can choose spicy fragrant orchids from both popular and rare species.
Classification of orchids by aroma
Orchids that have some kind of pleasant or unpleasant odor are less common than odorless plants. In nature, this is far from the case, but among the indoor species it is the completely odorless plants that dominate. Continue reading

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Choosing plants for the florarium (part 1)
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7 beginner orchid care tips for beginners (part 2)
Tip 3. Smart watering orchids The love of orchids and their tropical origin should not mislead you. In most cases, orchids are sufficient to water about once a week. It…


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Orchids with a dubious smell
Orchids with an unpleasant aroma are by no means less than pleasantly smelling. The smells of such orchids are so special that it is difficult for them to find a…