The Plant Growth Habits

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Decumbent (dee-KUM-bent) -- A reclining stem with the tip turned upwards.

Distichous (DIS-tik-us) -- Said of plants whose flower or leaves are in two ranks, usually on opposite sides of the stem.

Epiphyte (EP-ih-fite) -- One plant that lives on another but does not draw nourishment from the host plant.

Erect (ee-REKT) -- A plant growing upright.

Leafless (LEEF-less) -- A plant without leaves.

Monopodial (mon-oh-POH-dee-al) -- Having one foot. A plant that grows perpendicular to the horizon with very strong apical dominance. Flowers are borne on axillary inflorescences. Terminal buds remain vegetative, e.g., Phalaenopsis.

Offset (AWF-set) -- A lateral shoot, above ground that produces roots while still attached to the parent stem, common in some Dendrobium species.

Parasite (PAR-ra-site) -- A plant that derives its sustenance from another living plant.

Procumbent (pro-KUM-bent) -- Lying flat,said of a stem growing horizontally on the surface of the ground.

Pseudobulbous (SOO-doh-BUHL-bous) -- With pseudobulbs.

Reed-Type (REED-type) -- Said of sympodial orchids with long lateral branches containing many leaves and of uniform thickness, as in Dendrobium and Epidendrum.

Saprophyte (SAP-roh-fite) -- A plant that derives it's sustenance from decomposition of old plant parts. It usally lacks chlorophyl, e.g., Corollorhiza.

Sympodial (sim-POH-dee-al) -- A plant whose main stem grows horizontally and that has determinate lateral branches. Flower spikes are terminal or axillary, e.g., Laelia.

Terrestrial (ter-RES-tree-al) -- Plants that grow in soil or similar medium on the gorund, e.g., Phaius.

Vine (VYNE) -- A plant that climbs.

Whorl (WURL) -- Three or more plant parts attached at the same point, said of leaves and flowers.


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