The Inflorescence

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Axillary (AX-ill-airy) -- Said of flowers that arise from the axil of a leaf, as in some species of Dendrobuim.

Basal (BAY-sul) -- When the inflorescence arises from the base of the pseudobulb, as in Lycaste.

Denterminate (dee-TER-min-ayt) -- Said of an inflorescence when the terminal flower opens first, thus preventing any further elongation of the flower spike.

Head (HED) -- Having flowers in a tight cluster at the top of the flower spike.

Indeterminate (in-dee-TER-min-ayt) -- When the lower flowers open first and the apex of the flower spike remains vegetative, as in Phalaenopsis.

Panicle (PAN-ih-kul) -- Having a branched inflorescence, as in some Oncidium species.

Raceme (ray-SEEM) -- An inflorescence with flowers on short stalks.

Solitary (SOL-ih-tay-ree) -- When there is only one flower per inflorescence.

Spike (SPYKE) -- An inflorescence with flowers that are without stems.

Spray (SPRAY) -- A general term used to describe all types of inflorescences.

Terminal (TER-min-al) -- When flowers arise from the tip of the growth, as in Cattleya.

Umble (UM-bell) -- An inflorescence where the flowers appear to arise at one point.


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