The Flower Reproductive Structures

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Aglutinate (a-GLOO-tinayt) -- To glue together.

Anther (AN-ther) -- The pollen-bearing portion of the stamen.

Anther cap (AN-ther kap) -- The covering over the pollinia of orchids.

Axile (AK-syle) -- Of the axis, a form of placentation fond in orchids where ovules are borne on a central axis or protrusions from it.

Capsule (KAP-sule) -- The fruit of orchids, a fruit from a compound ovary, usually dry and opening at one of more sutures at maturity.

Carple (KAR-pel) -- A cell in a compound fruit.

Column foot (KOL-um foot) -- An extension at the base of the column, often attached to the lip.

Diandrous (dye-AN-drus) -- Having two stamens.

Endosperm (EN-doh-sperm) -- The carbohydrates, usually stored in seed, lacking in orchid seed.

Fertilization (fer-tih-lih-ZAY-shun) -- The fusion of the male (pollen) and female (ovule) which gives rise to the seed; the act of applying nutrients (N.P.K.) to plants.

Filament (FILL-uh-ment) -- The stemlike structure which supports the anther; a part of the stamen.

Foot (FOOT) -- The projection at the base of the column.

Fruit (FROOT) -- The capsule in orchids; any structure that bears of contains seeds.

Locule (LOK-yewl) -- One of the compartments in the ovary of an orchid.

Monandrous (mo-NAN-drus) -- Having only one anther.

Naked (NAY-ked) -- Devoid of a covering, said of orchid seeds which lack endosperm.

Ovary (OH-va-ree) -- The basal portion of the pistil which contains the ovules; if pollinated and fertilized, it develops into the fruit.

Ovule (OH-vuhl) -- A small protuberance in the ovary, capable of forming a seed when fertilized.

Parietal (pa-RYE-eh-tal) -- A form of placentation found in orchids where ovules are borne on the walls or on protrusions of the wall of the ovary.

Placentation (pla-sen-TAY-shun) -- The arrangement of the ovules in an ovary.

Pod (POD) -- A rather general term for a dry, dehiscent fruit.

Pollinaion (pol-lih-NAY-shun) -- The act of placing the pollinia onto the stigmatic surface of orchid flowers.

Pollinia (pol-LIN-ee-uh) -- The compact packets of pollen found in orchid flowers.

Rostellum (ros-TELL-um) -- Figuratively a little beak; the sharp apex of the stigma that seperates the pollinia from the stigmatic surface; a gland.

Seed (SEED) -- A matured ovule capable of producing a new plant.

Seed pod (SEED POD) -- The mature ovary containing the mature ovules (seed).

Self-fertilization (self-fer-tih-lih-ZAY-shun) -- The result of applying pollen from the same flower on its stigmatic surface.

Stigma (STIG-muh) -- The apex of the pistil, usually covered with a viscid substance when receptive.

Stigmatic surface (stig-MAT-ik sur-face) -- The receptive area of the stigma.

Stylar canal (SYT-lar kan-AL) -- A canal leading to the ovary through which the pollen tubes pass.

Suture (SUE-tcher) -- The lines or markings on an orchid capsule; the mature fruits split along these lines.


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